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Candy Toys

When candy alone simply won't satisfy your party guests, Blair Candy has what you need: candy toys! We're talking about more than just the classic Pez dispensers here. We're talking Minion Light Up Talkers with candy, Punchy Monkey toys with candy, and Bubble Blaster Squirt Toys with bubble gum. All these candy toys are sold in packs, so you'll have enough candy party favors for everyone. Kids can eat the candy first and then continue playing with the toys long after the candy is gone!

If you're after a different kind of candy-toy fun, check out our 20-ounce bag of candy blocks. Your children's party guests can build their own creations and then eat the blocks when they're done. Our bulk party candy was made just for the satisfaction of your party guests. Don't be afraid to be different the next time you're planning party favors!